Handcrafted Silver Jewelry


Brian Grove, a Colorado Artist

I grew up in the Colorado mountains hunting for mineral specimens with my dad, which formed my appreciation of natural elements. The name of my studio is Earth Elements, which reflects how I feel about my work.


Designing a Piece

I am inspired by both the shape and color patterns of a stone. Most of the cabochons I select are asymmetrically shaped to capture best the most vivid colors and natural patterns within the stone from which they are cut.


All of my work is handwrought. I take pride in meticulous craftsmanship using sterling silver for bezels, settings, and findings with specifically designed textures and shapes for each setting.

distinct silver bezel

Every stone calls for something unique. I enjoy teasing new shapes out of the silver


Polished Stone in Silver

I like to keep my designs simple, so the stones can give their best to the eye. I do not design my work to dazzle, but to emphasize the wonders of the earth. I do most of my work in sterling silver because it is more subdued and better projects the stone.


The Satisfaction

I strive to make each piece one of timeless beauty that will bring enjoyment to the one who wears it and those that admire it on the wearer.


Of course, this way of working limits the number of pieces I can complete per year. So availability can be limited. Please be patient with me if my inventory is quick to disappear and slow to replenish. There must be joy in this for me, as well as for you, so there is no rushing.